Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast and drove to London. We thought it would be better to try and find a place to watch the race there than in Brighton because we didn’t have much luck with Quali. We made it to the hotel just as the race began, and because our room wasn’t ready yet, they put it on the tv in the bar for us. After the race our room still wasn’t ready, so we went for a walk. We strolled around the hotel’s neighborhood, which is the Theatre District, and then over to Covent Garden,* where I bought some Lush. Yummy!

*Funny thing about Covent Garden. When I suggested to T that we take a walk over there, he thought we were headed to an actual garden.

Sunday evening T’s parents were having a get-together for the England Kundhi contingent. We went to Madhu’s in Southall. Southall is a crazy place. It’s like Little India—the people, the stores, the food, they even drive like they are in India! Dinner was fabulous. They were kind enough to make me some dairy-free dishes: appetizers were veggie pakoras and little squares of potatoes with cumin and dinner was spinach with chickpeas, rice, naan and curried potatoes. I also had little tastes of the food I wasn’t supposed to eat. The sheekh kebabs were awesome and so was the salmon. More pics in the gallery.


Monday we started to feel the effects of traveling and going non-stop. T had to get up early and take the car back. I planned to get up with Bella, get ready and go down to breakfast. Bella curled up with me and we both went back to sleep instead. We were planning to meet Yvonne for lunch, so by the time T was back and we finally got our act together, we had missed breakfast all together.

Lunch with Yvonne was nice. T watching Bella for a few hours was very nice. Yarn shop hopping with Yvonne was awesome! We went to John Lewis on Oxford Street, Liberty on Regent Street and All The Fun Of The Fair on Carnaby Street. I was so overwhelmed by all of the fabulous wool and cool shops that I totally forgot to take a picture of the two of us. How silly is that?

I got back to the hotel just in time to hang out with Bella while T finished up some work. We went walking around Covent Garden again looking for dinner. There are a lot of places around here that don’t have high chairs. I guess it’s there way of making sure they are a “child free zone.” We wound up at Maxwell’s for burgers, which is very boring and non-english, but I did try a Pimm’s cocktail to make up for it. I’d really like to have some pub food, specifically Shephard’s Pie, but the mashed potatoes are full of milk and butter. Sigh.


Tonight we planned to go to bed early, but wound up staying up late doing silly things. I took a bath with Bella, surfed the Internet a little and got caught up with some reading. T did some more work. Bella, well, she slept like a little angel in her “infant cot”, which is fancy name for Pack ‘n Play. We have really been wearing her out! Before she went to bed, we iChatted with my parents. Technology is amazing. We just opened up iChat, clicked on our buddy list and presto! live video chat from London to Maryland. Pretty cool.


2 Responses to postcards from england: july 8th-9th

  1. Cioci says:

    I’ve enjoyed hearing about your trip to England.
    Thanks for taking me along with pictures and prose.

  2. Liz says:

    Maxwell’s may be boring but we used to eat there before going to the theater because it was fast and dependable—no surprises! I like reading about your trip. It brings back places that I haven’t thought about for awhile!