Saturday was our first really knock around town vacation day. Did I mention Brighton is a beach? All I’ve been saying for the past few years is that I just want to go on a vacation at the beach. Well, it’s not exactly the same as the beaches at home, but our room is ocean front. The water is a beautiful emerald green. It’s been chilly, but not cold—jeans and t-shirt kind of weather. Oh, and it’s been windy. In fact, I think it is more windy here than in Nebraska. (Yes, really!) More images have been uploaded into the gallery.


Today, after our traditional English breakfast (which I totally love—beans on toast, eggs and stewed tomatoes) we went walking on the pier. We also tried to find a place to watch Quali, but didn’t have much luck. Most bars/pubs were watching Wimbledon or soccer. We finally found one place, but it was a “child free” zone. Brighton is kind of like that. The signs read “Gay and Straight Friendly. Child Free Zone.” Bah! We caught the last few minutes at our hotel bar. Hamilton is on pole. Tomorrow is going to be awesome!


We met Tanuj for lunch and had fish and chips on The Pier, then went over to check out his hotel: The Square. It’s really nice and we were planning to stay there, but the rooms would have just been too small with Bella. (We’re staying at the Queens Hotel and have a really nice, big room.)


We hung out in the park for awhile, but Bella was tired. It was time for her nap. We decided we would all nap.

nap time

We were on our own for dinner and sat outside at Fat Leo on The Lanes, shared a bottle of merlot and people watched. (Just T and I shared the bottle, in case you were wondering.) We think Brighton is the bachelor/bachelorette party center of England. Folks get crazy dressed up for their “Stag” and “Hen” parties. It was free entertainment for the evening. Well, for us it was. Bella was quite content entertaining herself by feeding T her rice puffs.

fat leos

Tomorrow is Sunday and we’ll be driving to London. Hopefully we’ll make it there in time to find a fun place to watch the race.


2 Responses to postcards from england: july 7th

  1. Teresa says:

    can i just say that bella is the most beautiful and happy child! you can see that she truly adores her parents and she just radiates happiness. you and tarun are such fantastic parents – the child just oozes happiness and love from every pore! from the pics and videos it looks like she was a brilliant traveling companion, too! i am so thrilled that your trip was so wonderful!!! and i just adore the terrific photos and video – keep ’em coming!



  2. mom and dad says:

    Once again, we have enjoyed the pictures from Tanuj and Claire’s wedding.
    The scenes from Brighton and London are wonderful.
    You really did a great job. Thanks!