Our adapter didn’t work with the computer power cord, so I haven’t been able to write for a few days. I hope I don’t forget anything good. Here are the highlights:

The flight from Detroit to London was fine. Bella was a little fussy, but about normal things: I’m hungry, I’m tired, I have a wet diaper. She spent a few hours in her car seat, but the rest of the time she spent sleeping in my lap. It was ok. She was quiet and I slept, too.

When we arrived to London Gatwick airport it was crowded! Passport services was slammed. We spent almost an hour in line, and had about another hour to go when one of the passport services guys saw our stroller (a.k.a., push cart, buggy, pram). “You have a baby?” T. said yes. He pulled us out of line and took us to the front of the line. Not just up toward the front, but THE front, as in “Next!” Thanks, Bella!

The craziness continued when the car rental place didn’t have our car. Then they found a car, but it didn’t have Neverlost. We didn’t print any directions or maps because we thought we’d have Neverlost. It took awhile. It took a long while. Then they managed to rustle up a portable Neverlost for us. It was easy finding Brighton after that. We circled around our hotel a few times, though, before we realized where it was.


Thursday night was dinner at The Strand for folks who made it into town early. I got to see Kate, who I hadn’t seen in years. (She’s doing fabulous, by the way.) We also met Norm, her finac√©. (Funny thing about Norm–by Friday evening we had figured out that we had met before, many years ago. It’s crazy that we just happened to run into each other again in Brighton and that he’s engaged to one of my good friends. Small world!) Tanuj and Claire arranged an amazing menu for both Thursday and Friday night. I got to taste little bits here and there. The restaurant folks were super nice and made something dairy-free for me each night. They totally took care of me.

Friday morning we went to the Royal Albion Hotel to have breakfast with the Kundhis. We hung out at their hotel for awhile to visit and then came back for a nap. I’d have to say that Bella is really handling the time change well. She is already on her feeding and napping schedules. Plus, we’ve kept her up late every night and she has been an angel. We are having tons of fun with her and I can’t believe I was so worried about traveling with her.

Friday afternoon was the wedding ceremony at The Royal Pavilion. Tanuj looked so handsome and Claire looked stunningly beautiful. It was a very nice ceremony in The Royal Study (I think it was the study) and then on to The Music Room and Royal Gardens for photos. Then it was back to The Strand for another amazing dinner. I’ve posted a bunch of wedding photos in the gallery.





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