I’m not sure if you’re supposed to, but I just deadheaded mine. I needed an excuse to be outside. I’ve been doing that a lot lately—being outside, that is. Right now I’m outside on our deck. Here’s what it sounds like. I know officially it’s summer, but I’m still suffering from Spring Fever. I hardly spend any time in front of the computer these days. Since the blog is how I keep up with what I’ve been doing and I haven’t been writing anything, I’ll resort to listing with links.

  • visiting with Phil and Frances
  • jazz in june with Jeff and Kathy
  • coffee dates with Lauren
  • trips to the farmers’ market
  • world wide knit in public day
  • knitting group
  • strolling Bella around the neighborhood
  • sitting on a blanket in the shade with Bella
  • getting up early and going to bed early
  • Now that it is summer and it’s starting to get hot, maybe I’ll spend more time indoors. Maybe I’ll get my blog mojo back. But right now it’s getting late. (See last list item.) Goodnight.


    2 Responses to do you deadhead daylilies?

    1. Tana says:

      If our main computer (that I usually used) hadn’t of died, I probably would be spending much less time on the computer. But with the laptop I can enjoy the nice weather and sunshine so my computer time is less, but more than it would be otherwise. Pretty lillies!

    2. mom and dad says:

      The lillies are beautiful and very special as they are from your friends.
      Yes, we did find the little bug. He really blends well with the colors, doesn’t he?
      We are amazed at how Bella is changing! Growing like a summer daylilly!
      Dad and I enjoyed the sound of the train. It made us feel like we were there on the deck with you. Thanks for the treat. You know how Dad loves the sound of that train! Take care. Love to all.