I’ve been knitting away during the month of May on Hokie Healing squares. I thought my total was pretty impressive. I knit 11 squares.

hokie squares

Then I got a comment from Christy on the blog. Susan from the Omaha Guild crocheted 32 squares! When I started this I thought if everyone I knew made just one square, I’d have a nice package to send along to Mosaic Yarn. The grand total: 65 squares!

hokie squares

hokie squares

Yes, these are INSIDE the play yard.
I had to protect them from my little drooler.

All of the squares are packaged up and waiting for the mailman as I type this. Thanks everyone who participated: Susan (who deserves a maroon and burnt orange star!), Karen, Sue, Kim, Christy, Tara, Joanne and Lauren. (Did I leave anyone out? There were some unlabeled squares from Omaha.) I also want to thank Mary Pat for contributing toward shipping. The package was over five pounds! Most of all, I want to thank Gina for coordinating this effort. It’s such a wonderful project and I wish I could help with the seaming, too!


3 Responses to blacksburg, we have squares!

  1. Mom says:

    Such a wonderul project. I admire each and every one of the contributors. I had no idea how beautiful these patterns woud be. Once the squares are joined, the quilt will be so symbolic of the united support from so many different people.
    Beautiful idea. I’m sure the gifts will be deeply appreciated.

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