Yesterday presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani got a lot of flack for not knowing how much milk and bread cost at the grocery store. His guesses were way off from the prices in his neighborhood grocery stores. (Dang! Does milk really cost over $4 in NY? Wow!) When I first heard this story, I laughed. Then I thought: “How much is milk at Super Saver?” Hmmmm…

The fact is that I don’t know the price of a lot of the grocery items I purchase. I know the organic milk that we like costs more than regular milk. I know that the rice milk I’ve been using because of M costs more than that, but I can buy that at Target to save some money and store it in the pantry. I also don’t know how much a dozen eggs cost. I think the bread we buy is somewhere between $2-3 dollars.

Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. Maybe Rudy doesn’t do the grocery shopping. I’m usually the one who goes to the store, although T did most of the shopping while I was pregnant because ew! the meat aisle! But seriously, we buy all of our breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks at the grocery store — we only eat dinner and lunch out once a week. I buy a lot of the same thing every trip: bag of onions, dried and canned beans, chicken, eggs, frozen broccoli, etc. I couldn’t tell you what they cost either. I go to the store with a list. I buy only what we need. I mean, if you need milk, then you need milk. Right?

So am I weird? Do you know the cost of milk and bread? What about the other items on your grocery list?


One Response to how much do you spend on milk and bread?

  1. mom and dad says:

    I wonder how many of the candidates could answer that question correctly.
    What was the point of the question? To show how “out of touch” he was with everyday issues of the consumer? I guess I’d rather he have a good track record in handling things like govenment, people, turning around large cities for the better! You get my drift. (This, however, is not necessarily an endorsement.)
    Makes one wonder when we will get serious about why we elect people to these important offices. The press that these things get! Wouldn’t we really rather know what the man is all about on the things that matter?