I spent the past few days cleaning out my closet. I haven’t done a major closet clean out in over two years. Here are the results:

  • I found $4. (Only $4! I thought all of that time would result in more dough.)
  • I found my passport. (This was the reason why I started the major clean out.)
  • I found clothes that I had forgotten I had. Clothes I really like!
  • I found that I fit in a lot of clothes that I hadn’t fit in before I even got pregnant. (Thank you breastfeeding metabolism!)
  • I boxed up all of my maternity clothes.
  • I boxed up clothes to be sold on ebay for Spring and Summer.
  • I boxed up clothes to be sold on ebay for Fall and Winter.
  • I have three big bags of clothes ready for donation.

What did M do all this time? She explored every nook and cranny of our bedroom. Yep, she’s really getting the hang of crawling. She only scoots now when she’s too tired to crawl. Her favorite spots in the bedroom:

  • The air vent. (Hey, there’s something blowing in my face. Cool!)
  • Chloe’s fur covered pillow. (Ew. Gross. I had to move that out of the room because M was too fascinated with it.)
  • Our big mirror that leans against the wall. (Hey, there’s another baby in there! Can I get her into my mouth?)

Note to self: need to clean that mirror.


One Response to spring cleaning

  1. Lauren says:

    Thank you breastfeeding metabolism… and a baby with dietary needs that put pretty much anything bad for you off limits. That may have something to do with it too. :)

    So… you found all that, and still no size 6 needles? Man, those things are GONE. A similar thing happened to me about 3 years ago when I decided my teeth weren’t looking as straight as they used to and started wearing my retainers again. One night I went to sleep with them in and woke up and they were gone. I didn’t find them for 2 years. I swear! I must have taken them out in my sleep and then the cat stole them. So if I were you, I’d blame Chloe. :)