When people ask me what Mirabella needs these days, my first answer is always, “No more stuffed animals or dolls!” However, I’m her mom, and I haven’t really bought her much of anything, so the rule doesn’t apply to me. Yesterday I had to buy some yarn from Knit Picks to finish a project that is on the needles and I was below the minimum for free shipping. I decided to get the yarn I need to make Lulu. I’ve been planning to knit her for awhile, but I really needed a reason to spend the money. Running out of yarn for my current project was just the gentle push I needed. I also bought replacement size six needles for the ones I lost a few months ago. I predict I will find those little buggers in the next few days.


2 Responses to knitting to do: lulu doll

  1. mom says:

    She’s so cute. I have a feeling she’s going to be one of Bella’s best friends!
    Lucky Bella, Lucky Lulu!
    Have fun knitting her.

  2. Christy says:

    I used to think you couldn’t have too many stuffed animals but now that I have kids, I’m pretty sure that you can.

    I think hand-knit dolls are exempt from this category. Think of all the fun you can have knitting little clothes for that doll! You can knit matching Bella/Lulu sweaters! Oh, the possibilities! Maybe I better put the yarn for that project in my shopping cart. Eva would love it!