The hardest thing about giving up milk and soy is that they are hidden in everything, especially in processed foods. Almost all fast food has some type of soy or whey protein. Fried potatoes were the only ok food I could get if I needed a quick snack. Normally, I’d be perfectly fine with that. If you know me at all, you know I love potatoes of any kind, and fried are at the top of the list.

I am starting to add a few things to my diet here and there. M seems to be ok if I eat small amounts of beef. She’s also ok if I have bread that has been made with milk. I’ve been doing hamburgers every now and then, and we’ve been ok. Well, she has. A few weeks ago I got a hamburger and fries from McDonald’s. Something about the fries didn’t taste right. They just about killed my stomach. (MY stomach!) Sunday morning T was craving Mickey D’s breakfast, so I decided to try an Egg McMuffin with no cheese. T knows all about my love for fried potatoes and brought me two hashbrowns. Dudes! Those hashbrowns tore up my stomach!

I was wondering how I would adapt to the real world of food after all this non-dairy nonsense was over. I don’t think I’ll go back to my old ways of eating. A funny thing happens when you take out all of the processed crap from your diet. You feel good. Clean. From the inside out. Eating fast food is no longer a treat for me. And it may come as a shock to some of you, but I think I’m kind of done with fries, at least with McDonald’s fries. What do they put in them, anyway?


2 Responses to fry farewell

  1. Lauren says:

    Holy cow, I just watched that video. I’ve seen most of Super Size Me on HBO in bits and pieces, but I must have missed that part. The worst part is, last Monday I had a small fries from McD’s for the first time in ages… how long will they be in me!?!

    Good for you for getting rid of all that crap!!

  2. Charissa says:

    I feel your pain. Any dairy in my diet would make Gloria a screaming, hysterical mess for days afterward at first. Now I can finally sneak in dairy that’s baked into things, some yogurt and cheese and occasional ice cream.

    With my oldest daughter, I couldn’t stand red meat the whole time I was pregnant with her and to this day I still can’t eat it.

    It is amazing how once you have to give up certain things for a while, you can’t really go back.