We are going out on a date tonight. A real date! with dinner! and a party afterward! and a sitter!!!

I hope I don’t doze off.


3 Responses to date night

  1. Teresa says:


    Don’t worry – you won’t doze off! You will be so excited to be out and having a grown up night and the folks at the party will energize you, too! These night’s out are so important to keep that internal flame going! ENJOY!

    Loads of love,

    p.s. I am LOVING the recent frequent blog entries!!! :-)

  2. Lauren says:

    And I’ll slap you around a little if you start to doze off. Just doing my part! :)

  3. bella says:

    Dear Mommy and Daddy,
    I think it’s really good for you to go out with “big people”
    for the evening. You’ll have fun, and I’ll be much happier in
    my little crib taking a nap. Have a good time.
    Love and Kisses, (slobbers)