My Today Show post is getting quite a few comments. Thank you to the knitters who offered a ride or carpool to one of the nearby Harlot appearances. If any of the events were on the weekend, I might consider it, but during the week it’s just too crazy around here to go off and get all wooly.

It’s a funny thing about those comments; I read the Harlot’s blog entry and didn’t even notice she had linked to me. I just zoomed by the link thinking “Yeah, whatever. I already saw the knitters on the Today Show. How was the rest of the day?” It wasn’t until Christy left me a comment that I realized it. (Yes, a teething baby is kind of like having a newborn again: up all night and really fuzzy during the day.)

Even though I won’t be attending a Harlot appearance, I am very excited about another upcoming knitting event: World Wide Knit in Public Day. The Lincoln Knitters will be celebrating with a spot at the Farmer’s Market in Haymarket on June 9th from 8-12. Nebraska knitters — and those from nearby states — mark your calendars and come join us!


2 Responses to thanks, knitters!

  1. Charissa says:

    My sympathies. I have a teething baby at home too. It’s amazing how little sleep a parent’s body can manage to run on. . .

  2. Lisa says:

    The bad news, ladies, and something that no one ever tells you (back me up on this Teresa), is that you will never sleep through the night again! When mine were tiny, I asked a colleague with teenaged daughters when I would sleep again, and he said, with complete and utter confidence, and complete and utter resignation, “never.” I thought he was kidding. Hah! It’s a good thing they’re so cute!