I love knitting and I have to say I’m getting pretty good with the needles and wool. Sewing, on the other hand, scares me. I’m not big into cross stitch, needlepoint or any other kind of embroidery crafts. Until the Laugh and Learn Bunny, that is.

llb before

LLB recently got recalled. Her nose could fall off and become a choking hazard. The steps provided by Mattel to deal with this were:

  1. Package up LLB.
  2. Mail LLB back to Mattel.
  3. Wait for Mattel to mail you a $16 voucher.
  4. Buy a replacement toy. Note: vouchers are accepted at most national stores.

I decided to take a short cut:

  1. Remove LLB’s nose.

It was scary how easily LLB’s nose came off. I snipped one stitch and the thing fell into my lap. After I removed the nose, I showed T. See how easy that was? No need to go through all that mailing back and waiting for a voucher nonsense. But T thought LLB looked funny. Weird. Noseless. So I pulled out a very old Joann Fabrics bag filled with embroidery thread from some long-forgotten cross stitch project. I tried to sew a cute little button nose. I tried to make it at least round. Heck, I would have settled for round-ish. The result is a little weird.

llb after

If I had to do it again, I’d do it differently. It’s staying the way it is, though. Mostly because I tied the thread so tight I don’t think it’s ever going to come undone. The main thing is that everyone is happy. Bella gets to keep her LLB, I have nothing to package up, and I won’t have a voucher burning a hole in my bag.


3 Responses to rabbit rhinoplasty

  1. Joanne says:

    I think the L and L Bunny looks quite lovely.

  2. mom says:

    Looks like LLB is quite pleased with her new nose judging from her big smile!
    Nice job!

  3. virtual t says:

    I stumbled onto your blog, and was interested because it’s based on the same theme as mine – being transplanted to a new location, and raising a baby (or babieS in my case.) I moved from San Francisco to Germany in 97 and to Ireland in 2000. Did you really knit a car? I thought I was extreme… ;)

    don’t fear sewing. I don’t know how to sew, but know how to operate a sewing machine, and come up with all kinds of great things, like fuzzy bear costumes, curtains, pyjamas, napkins…(OK, granted, any eejit could sew napkins…)

    Anyway congratulations on your baby, she looks like a charmer. I hope you don’t mind a random stranger posting to you.

    virtual t