Taken from a local news report:

  • Heavy snow and strong winds have crippled Lincoln and the surrounding area…
  • Area schools have been closed…
  • Strong winds also made visibility along major roads nearly impossible…
  • Interstate 80 has been closed between the Utica exit west of Lincoln to Omaha….
  • Highway 77 has been closed between Wahoo to the Kansas Border…
  • Highway 2 between Nebraska City and Lincoln has been closed…
  • The Girls State Basketball Tournament will go on as planned.

    5 Responses to priorities

    1. Teresa says:

      boy, we in maryland could learn a lot about the nebraskans who are so hearty in adverse weather conditions! we are big wimps out here!



    2. Christy says:

      I saw this and thought it was hilarious, too!

    3. Liz says:

      I-80 was closed today?? Wish they would have closed it before I drove to Ashland in a freakin’ white out at 4:00 a.m. this morning before turning around and coming home!!! All I kept thinking was “Nissan really put crappy tires on my new Murano.”

    4. mom says:

      Speaking of the tenacity of young women, your quick eye and clean wit lead me to believe that some day I am going to see your by-line for a column in the local newspaper!

    5. Mary Kay says:

      Coming from Pennsylvania where high school sports are paramount, I can relate to this!!
      I agree with your mom, the Lincoln newspaper doesn’t know what they’re missing!