Mirabella’s bottom two teeth have broken through. The first one appeared on Tuesday. She was eating her prunes and gnawing on the granite table between bites as usual, but this time her gnawing sounded different. It sounded scratchy. Then I noticed that the spoon sounded a little scratchy in her mouth. I tried to take a peek, but she was covered in prunes, so I waited until we were finished. There it was! A little tooth peeking through. Today we went through the same scenario with her morning cereal and there was tooth number two!

bella at the table

I have to say that I’m not surprised that they have broken through. She’s been drooling through at least five bibs a day for the past month and gnawing on everything in sight. She also seems to be taking this in stride. The granite table might have helped. Of all the surfaces she’s been chewing, that’s the hardest. I think it might have encouraged those little choppers out.


3 Responses to houston, we have teeth!

  1. Teresa says:

    WOW! getting ready to crawl and now two new teeth! how fast that precious baby girl of yours is growing! i know you are loving every minute! she is an angel!



  2. Gurdial Kundhi says:

    That’s the way to go, little angel. Congratulations. You are just like your dad. Grandma K and Grandpa K send you lots of good wishes and love.

  3. Dad says:

    Mommy to Houston: we have teeth and some crawling.
    Houston to Mommy: STANDBY for takeoff !!!!