I love to knit. T loves cars. Put the two together and you get this:

knit ferrari

Student knits her own Ferrari

Art graduate Lauren Porter knitted a Ferrari sportscar for her honours degree at Bath Spa University.

Art student Lauren Porter, 22, with life size Ferrari she knitted out of wool for her degree show at Bath Spa University/PA.

The classic red bodywork consists of 250 squares of garter stitch made by Lauren and 20 family members and friends.

The windows are V-shaped stocking stitch, while the details are crochet and the badge is embroidered.

It’s all supported by a steel frame which Lauren, 22, of Greatham, Hants, welded herself.


3 Responses to when crafts and cars collide

  1. mom says:

    This is amazing. I’ll bet she was “seeing red” when she finished. Question now:
    what to do with it? Maybe she’ll keep it?? Maybe lots of friends are getting red sweaters for Christmas?? You know…the project that keeps on giving!

  2. Yvonne says:

    It’s even more stunning when you see it in real life — it was one of the star attractions last year at the Knitting and Stitching show in London.