I recently signed up for a knitting buddy exchange and had to introduce myself to my buddy. I figured it would make a good blog entry.

I’m from Baltimore, MD and used to work in Washington, DC. Now I live in Nebraska and still experience culture shock now and then.

I’m a graphic designer and loved the advertising world, just hated the stress. Now I am self-employed and love being my own boss.

I have a baby girl, Mirabella, who is 4 1/2 months old. I take care of her and work from home. I’m still trying to balance all of that out.

I’ve been knitting for two years and I’m hopelessly addicted to it. A friend of mine taught me how to knit because she thought it might help me with anxiety and stress. This was about a year after we moved to Nebraska for my husband’s job and he decided to quit and start his own business. Knitting has kept me quite sane, and his business is doing well, so I guess everything has worked out.

I have taught a few people to knit, one of whom is my mother. None of them have stuck with it. I hope that isn’t a reflection on my teaching abilities!

I regularly attend two different knitting groups in Lincoln and I’ve met some of the most wonderful women through them.

I have a cat who is almost 15 years old. I love her dearly and hate that she is getting old.

I’ve been to England a few times. The first was to take a London Theater class in college. I lived in Maida Vale for five weeks and going to the theater was my “homework.” I fell in love with the city and almost didn’t come back to the US! The second was with my husband. We stayed in London a few days on the way back from a trip to India. We were horribly jet lagged—up too early and to bed too early. We had fun, but it was definitely a different kind of trip than when I was in school! We’ll be heading to Brighton this summer. My brother-in-law is getting married and his fiancée has dual citizenship. Maybe with a little planning, we can meet up and knit together! You’ll have to advise me on yarn stores.

I have a blog (like everyone else these days) to stay in touch with friends and family on the east coast. Occasionally I post about my knitting. Right now it’s mostly all about Mirabella, though.

My birthday is in November. I love the Fall season and hate to see Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving. The retail industry always seem to rush us through my favorite time of year.

I thought I’d have a tough time writing this, but it seems like I can babble on about myself quite easily.


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  1. Liz says:

    I want a knitting buddy from England, too. How do I get one?