Bella’s favorite cable channel is Music Choice Retro-Active. She likes music that she can bounce to like The Ramones (Hey. Ho. Let’s go!), New Order and the B-52s. Ever since we started dancing to the 80s in our living room, there’s been one song that I can’t get out of my head. It’s Butterbean by the B-52s. I don’t think I actually heard it on Music Choice. I think we were listening to Rock Lobster and afterward I just started singing Butterbean to Bella. I’m sure you know what comes next. That’s right. Bella is now Bella Bean. Sometimes she’s just Bean. Who calls their child Bean? (Oh, wait. Nevermind.) Anyway, that’s our new favorite song around here and I think I am going to buy Whammy! on CD for my daughter. (Don’t you hate technology sometimes? Like, when you have to re-buy all of the music you bought on cassette when you were in college because everything now is digital? Bwaa!)


4 Responses to bella bean

  1. Teresa says:

    i love it! bella bean! bb! b2 (as in, b squared)!

    matthew and wesley are noodle-o and peanut! a friend of mine, who’s son is named dylan, calls him dill pickle or dilly. guess we were onto the food names before gywneth! LOL!

    enjoy rocking to the oldies with your bella bean! :-)



  2. Gmommy and Gdaddy says:

    Little Baby Bella Bean,
    We can’t wait to come and dance with you.
    G and G

  3. Christy says:

    Some friends call their kid “Bumpy” still (he is 5 now). It started when she was pregnant and they called him “The Bump”. We all called him Bumpy, too. Maybe once he starts school he will go by his real name (Ammon).

  4. Liz says:

    Bean–what a great name for a Nebraska Girl!!