A few weeks ago I signed up for another KAL. This one was also for Larissa’s book; a quick an easy sock knit in Manos del Uruguay. I have always wanted to try this yarn and I was planning a trip to our LYS in a few days. I have a lot of knitting projects on my plate right now and I needed a new one like a hole in the head, but I couldn’t resist. The colorway I picked was beautiful and since I live in brown, black and denim, it was a perfect choice. It was as if the stars had aligned and said “You must knit these socks.”

manos socks

And now I am in love with Manos. These are the softest and warmest socks I have ever owned. I’m debating a whole sweater in Manos. Oh, to wrap myself up in that warm and soft wool—how divine! I think this is maybe how yarn addictions start. I must be careful, or next year I’ll be taking the knit from your stash challenge.


One Response to i’m in love

  1. Teresa says:


    what are KAL and LYS??? i am clueless, but i am eager to learn!

    by the way, who knew when i gave you the nickname “wooly” (reflecting the gorgeous woolen, knitted sweaters you used to wear when our office at CMP was freezing) that you would one day be knitting things as beautiful as those sweaters, befitting the nickname, “wooly!”

    love ya!