Our Christmas was very low key this year. We video chatted with my parents, brother and Frances, which was very cool. T hooked the computer up to the tv and it was like they were in the next room! We had a regular phone chat with T’s parents in the morning and exchanged Secret Santa presents on speaker phone in the afternoon. We also ate some good food: kitcheri for breakfast, tortilla soup for lunch, and pork vendaloo with chana masala for dinner. (Can you tell I really miss Indian and Mexican food?) Other than that, we just hung out on the Garfield blanket watching M rollover.

m rolling over


2 Responses to christmas 2006

  1. grandmommy says:

    What a wonderfufl way to spend Christmas!
    Watching little Bella explore her brand new world.
    Nicest gift under your tree!

  2. Teresa says:

    the “code” word that i was prompted to type so i can post on the blog was “nice”…how appropriate!

    it was nice, more than nice, in fact, it was FABULOUS to see that photo of mirabella on her very first christmas! julie and tarun, she is just the cutest baby we have ever seen! what a memorable first christmas for all of you! keep those photos coming of the baby, and of you two, too! we love them!

    happy new year, dear friends!!!