Actually, we were ready for you late Wednesday night as I boxed up the last of our gifts for our mail carrier. Has anyone else out there used USPS Click-n-Ship? Combine that with free Carrier Pickup and Dude! No trips to the post office! It’s my new favorite convenience. I find my kitchen scale works fine for most packages—even the big boxes we sent out for the holiday. The coolest part: free online delivery confirmation for priority mail.

In an attempt for full disclosure: I have one more present to wrap and T needs to head out today for a little bit to finish up his stuff. But friends and family who got their presents last January, February and (yikes!) June will be happy to know that we finished in time for this season. Although, that also means less handmade gifts. I’ve decided that if I want to knit gifts for next year and take care of Bella and freelance and continue to keep the house in livable state, then I will have to start knitting them tomorrow. Hmm…I can’t really do that because I am working on the afghan for my parents. (It’s ok that it’s not finished. They aren’t coming out until the end of January. I have time.)

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking the past few weeks and will probably start blogging more about it soon. I find that the more I obsess talk about the food I can eat, I deal better with the cravings I have for cheeseburgers. And cheesecake. And cheese pizza. My only problem is food photography. I suck at it. Blog posts about food should have pictures of food, except my pictures make food look really unappetizing. Maybe my dad can give me some pointers when he comes out in January.



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