We’re almost finished our holiday shopping. I think I can honestly say that everything this year will be bought online, if not made by me. Only one knitted gift this year—an afghan for my parents by request. Well, there is the scarf and hat I knit for a local church’s mitten tree. Members of our Wednesday night knitting group each knit something.

I keep alternating between feeling like we’re ahead this year and feeling really behind. Gifts are on their way, but still need to be boxed up and shipped to their final destination. We have our tree, but it’s still in the garage. Our cards will be printed and mailed tomorrow, but I’m still finishing the artwork and updating the list. I think I will feel better after the 20th, which is the cutoff date for priority mail. Until then, I’ll be sitting in front of my computer in a flurry of wrapping paper and bows.



One Response to holiday hoopla

  1. Mom says:

    I am really late this year with my preparations. Off to Towson this morning.
    It has been so unseasonably warm and I am blaming that on my slow shopping start. Next year will be the first year that I will have more time for Christmas and I look forward to that!
    Would love a pic or video of Bella with her rooster. Sounds like a good way to exercise and tire her out for a nap.
    Can’t wait to visit!
    Love to all.