My fear of taking M out and her having a shriekfest is almost completely gone. The past few days have been busy ones for her and she handled them all with grace (mostly!).

Thursday she had her 2 month check-up and got her first four shots. She handled them great, or at least I thought she did. The nurse said she’ll never get used to hearing babies cry like that. I told her if she ever had a child with an intolerance to dairy, she’ll get used to it in no time. Honestly, I think M handled her shots better than nursing after I had a cheeseburger. I guess it’s all relative, right?

Later that evening T and I had an appointment and afterward we were too tired to deal with dinner so we took her to Macaroni Grill. Note: MG is a stupid place to go if you can’t eat dairy. They have one item on their dairy-free menu. ONE ITEM. I guess anything that doesn’t have cheese has butter. M was very patient while we ate our dinner. She even colored a bit on the tablecloth.

macaroni grill

Friday was happy hour at T’s office. Everyone has been working so hard that they had a little afternoon fun time. M went with me to hang out and got passed around like a baby burrito. She loves hanging out with Rochelle. She’s an expert at baby rocking.

Saturday was a big night for T and me. It was the second time we went on a date without M. She went over the Masts for a few hours while we went to a reception for our friends Lauren and Paul, who were married in September out in California. When we left her, the whole family was surrounding her with attention. She even took a bottle while she was there!

Sunday we drove up to Omaha to look at furniture. M loves car rides, so she was a happy, sleepy camper most of the day. We had lunch at Burger King, where there is exactly ONE ITEM on the menu without soy, and had our first experience nursing M in public. We were in a booth tucked away in the corner and it was really no big deal. I think T and I are getting the hang of this whole parenting thing and we’re not doing so bad.

Sunday night M got a bath and then into the crib where she slept like a rock.
Is it any wonder?


5 Responses to busy bee

  1. Teresa says:

    it is thrilling to hear about your adventures out and about with mirabella! i remember a friend of mine (actually, she is a pediatrician) who told me when i had wesley to make sure scott and i took the baby out to dinner with us as much as possible and enjoyed it and she was right. it is a piece of cake when they are not at the crawling or walking stage. so ENJOY! it sounds like M loves to travel, too! we have always traveled with our kids and they are road warriors now! mirabella will be, too! :-) even plane trips they handled with grace! and lastly, that is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S that you guys are going on dates! that is so great for the two of you and for the baby! a happy couple make happy parents! you guys are incredible parents and have not missed a beat! way to go! give bella loads of hugs and kisses from us!!!



  2. Lisa says:

    Please tell me that I did not see Garfield in that fabulous picture of Miss Mirabella with her daddy in bed!!! Kundhi! What are we going to do with you?!!!

    She’s beautiful, friends, and you look so happy! Enjoy this awesome time in your lives (screaming or not)!


  3. Gurdial & Durga Kundhi says:

    That’s the way to go, M! We are proud of you. You are ahead of your dad and mom. Keep the good work, even on table cloth. You made us laugh so much.
    T & J this is great time to enjoy M and her art. Give her big hug.
    With love.
    Grandma and Grandpa Kundhi

  4. Mom and Dad says:

    Good eye, Lisa!

    Sometimes when you send close-ups, Bella looks so big. But when I looked at the picture of Bella and her Daddy at Macaroni Grill, Bella has her hand on Tarun’s and in the same position. Her hand is so tiny. Then I remember, she’s still a little peanut!
    We were impressed with her artwork!
    We are enjoying the updates so much. Enjoy her!