This going dairy free thing is difficult and not just because I want cream in my coffee! I want a slice of pizza! I want Indian food!, but because it seems milk products hide in almost everything. My list of things to avoid includes most breads, soups, deli meat, breaded and fried chicken, some crackers, cookies, salad dressing—even non-dairy creamer! There are so many foods I missed while pregnant and now I can’t eat them all over again.

I planned our meals for this week carefully and read all the labels at the grocery store. I made a big pot of split pea and ham soup for lunches this week and was so excited when I didn’t find any “offending” ingredients in turkey ham. I was surprised because turkey ham, well, it isn’t natural you know. It’s processed just like deli meat. I trusted the label, though, and what did it get me? A screaming banshee!

I’ve been keeping a food diary to track how my meals affect Mirabella and I couldn’t figure it out. Everything was considered safe, but she was obviously reacting to something. Finally, I decided it must be the split pea soup. I skipped it yesterday and made black beans and rice for lunch instead. You know what? We have peace in our house again. Just like that. Curse you turkey ham and your meaningless ingredient list!

I have a new respect for vegans. I mean, how do you trust that there isn’t milk in your bread? Do you read the labels on spices to make sure there isn’t any added whey? Does that mean you never eat another piece of milk chocolate? Do you only use vinaigrette dressing on your salads? In order to go vegan you must have a passion for the lifestyle. How can you not? Eliminating animal products from your entire diet is hard! It takes a lot of work and effort. Personally, I don’t think I could do it. Rice milk in my morning coffee? Forget about it!


7 Responses to the princess and the split pea

  1. Christy says:

    My friend had to do this as well for her baby. She made a list of foods she found (including restaurants!) that she was able to consume. I’ll bring it to knit group on Sat. I’m also trying to plan my main dish accordingly.

  2. Tana says:

    Yeah, it’s not fun. But neither is a fussy baby.

    If Ben had these problems, I just never caught on. I never noticed a correlation between what I ate and what kind of mood he was in.

    Hang in there! You’re right – there really are people who choose to eat like this all the time.

  3. Kundhi Grandparents says:

    Sorry to say that we were only able to see Mirabella’s picture with bib saying ” Would somebody teach me how to knit”. Where is video?

  4. Teresa says:

    boy, who knew when having a baby that one needed to become a CSI investigator! blast that turkey ham with the meaningless ingredient!

    you are an amazing mother, julie! before you know it this time will have passed and eating will be a more free and relaxing experience.

    until then, know that we are all cheering you on and sending love and support your way!


  5. Christina says:

    Sean and I have to grocery shop very carefully. We do read every ingredient on potato chips, seasonings and spices, salad dressing – being vegetarian in the beef loving state of Nebraska isn’t always easy. Double check your bean burritos as well. Refried beans are often manufactured with beef by-products.

    As far as dairy goes, I could never be vegan. By the way, the Tippy’s dip was a giant success at Sean’s work party. It was really easy to make too! I hope I didn’t get anyone in trouble by making a Maryland favorite at a Nebraska party!

  6. […] Needless to say after a week like that I was a little worried to be making the main dish for our TKGA meeting today. Luckily I was making minestrone soup — one of my favorite recipes and also hard to screw up. It turned out good, as usual, and I figured my kitchen mojo was back. So, instead of asking T if we could get take out for dinner, I got back in the kitchen tonight and made a quick and easy jambalaya. It was awesome! I think I am going to stay with the kitchen mojo and make some split pea soup tomorrow, without the turkey ham, of course. […]

  7. […] to pick it up at the library because it was on display next to the knitting books. I had to give up beef and dairy once before when my daughter had an intolerance. I remember thinking how hard it must be to go vegan because […]