Long story short: we’ve been fussy over here for the past few weeks and after visiting with Mirabella’s pediatrician and the lactation consultant at MilkWorks, I’ve removed all dairy, soy and beef from my diet. After 48 hours, Mirabella is definitely happier.

Is it any wonder why my ribs hurt so much during my last trimester (and why I didn’t get much sleep)?

Sorry for the poor quality. T was just goofing off with the camera. We weren’t planning to post this on the blog, but it’s too cute not to share!


5 Responses to happy bella

  1. Teresa says:

    okay, she is just tooooo cute for words!!! i am thrilled you posted that video of her! and i am ecstatic that going dairy free is making a big difference – yeah!!!

    we love you guys!!! thanks for sharing the video of bella!!!


  2. Teresa says:

    p.s. i just can’t believe how much she has grown!!! it is like you are feeding her miracle grow!!!! :-)



  3. Cioci says:

    Happy Mirabella, Happy Mom and Dad!

    Thank you for the video. What a star you have.

    Cioci and Uncle Roger

  4. Mary Kay says:

    J & T, She’s grown so much and is an absolute beauty! I say sign her up for soccer, she’s got the moves. Love, MK

  5. Kundhi Grandparents says:

    We have seen the video. It is cute. Your mother says there must be some more video. If so please send.