It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital. The past five weeks have been a blur. That’s right—five weeks! Can you believe it? The past few days I’ve been trying to get my mommy “sea legs” now that the grandparents have gone home. I have to completely redo my daily routine to coordinate work, laundry, meals (ours and Mirabella’s), and sleep. It’s been good to get back in front of the computer, although the amount of emails in my inbox is frightening, and I’ve gone through most of the piles of stuff on my desk. This week is going to be all about getting some order back into our lives—as much order as you can have living with a five week old.


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  1. Teresa says:

    so good to see you on the blog so soon! don’t worry, you will get a schedule and some sense of order, and that will evolve over time. you are such a fantastic mother, julie, and i know tarun is a wonderful father, too. bella is blessed! :-)

    hang in there…and don’t forget, still try to sneak a nap in during the day when bella is sleeping. it can make all the difference in the world as you get back to a regular schedule and are still up for midnight feedings.

    love ya!


  2. Tana says:

    All I have to say is that before I had Ben, I was a model citizen at managing my time and getting things done. I never did an overnighter studying for some test, my assignments in school and at work were never late, I totally had my act together. After Ben was born, it was like I had no time management skills at all. So here’s some advice:

    Allow twice as much time to get things done as you used to. In other words, if it would take you 15 minutes to clean up the kitchen before baby, make sure you give yourself 30 minutes now that you’re a mom.

    Break things down into very small pieces. Back to the kitchen analogy…don’t tell yourself “I need to clean up the kitchen.” Tell yourself, “I need to clear the table,” complete that, and then decide what to do next (load the dishwasher, perhaps?). You are bound to get interrupted, and the smaller the task, the more likely you are to complete it. You will not believe how much of your sanity will be saved by breaking things into smaller tasks.

    Finally, 80% perfect is better than not done at all. Lower your standards just a tad. I now vacuum the high traffic areas and worry about the lower traffic areas only enough that they get attention every two or three weeks instead of weekly. And my house still looks pretty nice.

    Kids are so much fun. I hope you’re enjoying being a mom!

  3. Nicole says:

    Jules – I can’t get over how cute she is and also your long, dark hair! Love it! Love the pic w/Chloe too. Thanks for your card-loved that too. Please send a pic of her in her outfit when u can. :) So Grace just got out of the hospital w/ CF related digestive issues–will fill u in later. Hope you are all well – will be back in touch again soon. Love, Nicole

  4. Teresa says:

    tana, i just read your advice to jules and it is SO true! i was never really that organized before kids but i was exponentially worse. even though your advice was for julie, i am going to use it, too! it’s never too late to start trying to preserve what is left of my sanity after two kids! :-) the breaking down of tasks is brilliant. nicole, i am so sorry to hear grace was in the hospital. i hope she is okay. email and let us know how she is doing. julie – has your dad sent any digi-pics yet from photos he took when your parents were visiting?



  5. Teresa says:

    oops, typo. i meant to write i was “exponentially worse after having kids” (in terms of organization).



  6. Diane says:

    Tana is so RIGHT ON!! Take her advice to heart and you will be a much happier Mommy!! It does get better, but it takes the first 3 or 4 months. If you’ve been able to clear most of the piles on your desk, you’re well on your way!!

    Love ya lots,


  7. mom says:

    (All I ever learned about organization, I learned from my daughter, so I doubt there are serious issues here !) Enjoy your little Mirabella. She’s such a gift!

  8. Liz says:

    And when you can’t decide which small task to do first, it is best to sit down and knit for awhile. :)