Don’t get too excited, though. We’re talking very irregular contractions; some long, some short, some very uncomfortable, some barely noticable. What’s freaky to us is that this could go on for days or things could kick into high gear within hours. I will say sitting on our couch in my jammies is a much better way to experience labor than being in the hospital. I hope to do as much of this as I can at home. Of course, we’ll see how I feel about that after contractions actually get painful.

So what’s next? When will we be posting again? What about calls and emails? It depends. We’ll post as long as we’re not busy having a baby, and we’ll eventually post after we have the baby. Calls and emails are going to be tough. I’m planning to send out a Lincoln Update* once we are back home, but it won’t go out before then, so you’ll have to stalk the blog for updates.

*Most everyone knows what the Lincoln Update is, but for those who don’t, it’s an eblast that goes along with the lincolnblog. We only send it out two to three times a year. If you have asked to be added to the baby notify list, I went ahead and put you in the Lincoln Update list. Don’t worry, you won’t get spammed with tons of Kundhi news. I mean, how often to I post to the blog regularly? A bunch of emails bounced the last time I sent out a Lincoln Update, so if you didn’t receive a “Breaking Baby News” email earlier this year from us, I either don’t have your email, or it has changed and I don’t have the most recent one. Go ahead and send me an updated one if you like, and I’ll make sure you get notified.


5 Responses to yay! contractions have started!

  1. Teresa says:

    SO EXCITING!!!!!!! :-)




  2. Cioci says:

    It just took extra time to add the sweetness. Mom, reminded me that you were a few days past delivery due date.

  3. Mom and Dad says:

    It’s Tuesday night and Julie’s contractions finally got regular.
    Julie, Tarun and Baby K headed for St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center at about ten of nine (Balto. time).
    God Bless!
    Mom and Dad

  4. Teresa says:

    I AM SO EXCITED!!! thank you, chris and phil, for the update!!! i just got in from a greuling meeting at school and am thrilled to come home to this great news! please promise you will post to the blog the second you hear a word! i know you will be awake all night waiting for the great news!!! how exciting!!!!



  5. Teresa says:

    okay…i’m an insomniac…any word, chris and phil, on jullie, t, and baby k?