It all started when T moved in to my apartment in Ellicott City. He brought with him one of those round-table-cloth nightstands that quickly became Chloe’s new home-away-from-apartment. She was happy to spend her entire day underneath this thing. When we moved to Elkridge, the only time she left her “tent” was to go watch birds out the back door.

When we moved to Nebraska, the tent went into the guest bedroom and the door remained closed. I mean, who wants to constantly clean cat hair out of a room that no one ever uses, right? So Chloe moved into the under-the-bed tent. It was like moving from a studio tent to a mansion tent. When we moved into the new house, she continued to spend all day, every day under the bed. It got to the point where we started shutting the bedroom door during the day. We thought it can’t be healthy for anyone to spend their entire day in one room under the bed, even a cat.

chloe cave

Note: this is a cave, not a tent.
Caves are more temporary than tents, but still lots of fun.

We did that for about a year and were successful in breaking the tent habit. Chloe regularly spends time with us in the rest of the house—hanging out on the couch, chair and sometimes ottoman. She’s less of a loner and more of a pet. Well, until we set up the crib for Baby K. I know lots of people worry about having a cat in the house with babies, but Chloe is old and can barely get up on our bed with the help of some sort of step. There is no worry of her leaping into the crib. However, she has discovered under the crib.

Right now the mattress is in the top position, and even though it’s much smaller than the mansion tent, it’s kind of like a little loft tent with really high ceilings. The funniest thing is that the sides come down really low. We were amazed that she managed to squeeze under them. I think she was amazed, too, especially since she couldn’t figure out how to squeeze herself out. We came home from lunch one day to hear a little whimpering meow coming from underneath the crib. T lifted up the corner and she bolted. We thought that was the end of the loft tent, but she was determined. After a few times getting stuck, she has now learned that she has to smoosh her big, furry butt down to get out just like she does to get in. Chloe is now in loft heaven.

The big question is “How long will this last?” Chloe has never been very excited to be around little people or other animals for that matter. She’s pretty much the stereotypical scaredy cat. I have a feeling when her new neighbor moves in upstairs, she’ll either be returning to her mansion tent or camping out on the couch.

chloe couch

Camping out on the couch is still pretty comfy.


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