I’m super busy, so I am going to try and do a random update of what I’ve been meaning to post for the past few days.

Baby K is doing just fine. My tonies* are getting more uncomfortable, and even though Baby K is running out of space in my belly, it hasn’t stopped her from kicking like a champ. Forget Tai Kwon Do.** I think she is practicing Krav Maga, and my belly has become her personal dojo.

*”tonies” is short for Toni Braxtons, which is slang in our household for Braxton Hicks. Trivia: did y’all know Toni is from Glen Burnie, MD, hon?

**More trivia: Do you know what color belt I got to before I quit Tai Kwon Do?

Furniture has arrived! We still have to put together the crib, but the dresser came assembled. Time to get organized! The infant seat and stroller have not arrived and were supposed to get here before the crib. Yikes! Hopefully they will come any day now. I just got a call from the store. They are here. Phew! Now we can bring Baby K home from the hospital.

Basement work is coming along. All of the wiring was roughed in last weekend. Next up is plumbing for the guest bathroom.

The Turkish Grand Prix is August 27th. When and from where do you think we’ll be watching it? Also, did anyone catch the first F1 Polish driver, Kubica, last week? Not only did he manage not to get taken out in the rain and finish his first race in the points, but he is replacing Villeneuve for the rest of the season. I’ve been a big fan of Kubica’s on Friday practice (he was a test driver) and can’t explain why this excites me so much, but woo hoo!


3 Responses to random update

  1. mom and dad says:

    Sounds like the house is undergoing quite a change. You really have been busy.
    Sorry the “tonies” are so uncomfortable. Getting in shape for the Big Day.

    Was it a green belt?

  2. Cioci says:

    No, I do not remember the color of the belt that you achieved but I do remember the day that we went to UMBC to watch you in competition. We were all enjoying the beauty of Tai Kwon Do until the meet moved to Combat. Mom and I looked at each other, Dad began to pace, and I told your Mom that I didn’t like what was happening. You held your own and made us all proud.

  3. Mary Kay says:

    Don’t you have some Polish in your background????? Sounds like a soft spot there for me. Glad you’re doing well, you & the Divine Ms K keep up the good work!!!