…and our Saturdays. Last night was our last scheduled baby class, which was really just a hospital tour. We really need to get some stuff done around the house, and honestly, we just haven’t been home. On the few nights we were home, we were so tired that we couldn’t do anything productive.

Overall, we’re both glad we took the classes. Some people think we’re kind of crazy. We’ve even been asked if we are going for our Baby PhD! The classes weren’t like seminars or anything like that. They were just a group of eight couples and a Labor and Delivery nurse and not too formal. What I think was most helpful was that they were put on by St. Elizabeth’s, so in addition to the general “here’s what ideally is going to happen”, we learned how those things will happen at St. Elizabeth’s. We learned what procedures and processes were common practice for our hospital, the doctors in our community, and up to our health care provider (i.e., what kind of questions we needed to ask our OB). We also learned how things are handled at St. Elizabeth’s when the “ideal” labor and delivery process is no longer going according to plan. I don’t expect we will remember everything we learned, but we’re hoping that things will come back to us while we are in the hospital. All of this is new to us. Anything familiar along the way during L&D will be a help.

I think one of the things that we will definitely take away with us is the Infant CPR training. Did you know the AHA recently changed its CPR guidelines (for all ages, not just infants)? They are quite different: 30 breaths to 2 compressions. Also important were the choking instructions. I know it sounds like common sense: you can’t perform the Heimlich Maneuver on an infant or a pregnant woman, but we never really thought about the alternatives. Considering the fascination children have with putting things in their mouths, that might be the most useful thing we’ve learned in the past two weeks.

The other thing we were impressed with was the hospital tour last night. All of the L&D rooms were recently remodeled and designed by the L&D nurses. They really thought of everything. And we were pleased to hear that St. Elizabeth’s has one of the top 10 NICUs in the nation. We knew it was the best in the state, but the nation? Not bad for a small town like Lincoln, eh?


2 Responses to we own our evenings again…

  1. Sue Neverve says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!! And, yes, August 27 is another great day as it is the our annivesary! 12 years of blissful, romantic, PLEASSSSEEEE….stop now…I’ll leave that to your imagination!
    On a final note for this afternoon, your evenings are indeed back, until this baby arrives!!

  2. Sue Neverve says:

    Who did you and Tarin decide on for a pediatrician?? Please tell me the correct spelling of your husbands name…thank you dear neighbor!!
    I’m “walking” the invites out this afternoon, however, the “special invitation” will go via USPS or shall I say snail mail!
    Sue :>)