I can’t believe it’s been a week since the last blog entry. Time flies when you are getting ready for Baby K. What’s been keeping us most busy these days are baby classes. Since the last blog update, we’ve taken both of our breastfeeding classes, another infant care class and the first of two all-day, Saturday childbirth prep classes. Plus, we’re seeing the OB once a week now. Oh, and I’m still going to knitting group. I have to find some time to work on Baby K’s blanket!

Tonight we have one last infant care class where we’ll learn infant CPR. Saturday is the second and final childbirth prep class. We have a tour of Labor and Delivery scheduled at the hospital for next Monday and a perinatal call scheduled with the hospital on August 8th to go over forms. (I’ve already filled out all of the paperwork for the delivery. Cool, huh? I’m glad we got it ahead of time. I can’t imagine filling out all of those forms while in labor!) I think after the call, all of our calls, classes and appointments will be finished until Baby K arrives. All except the weekly OB appointments, but those are pretty quick: “Just stopping by to confirm everything is still normal. Thanks!”

In non-baby related news, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this week. Actually, we celebrated a few days early because the actual evening of our anniversary we were busy learning about breast pumps. Exciting, huh? Last Saturday we went to The Oven and sat outside. I had a good day and actually enjoyed my meal. Plus, the weather was really nice—not like the recent weeks of convection oven heat. Afterward, we went to a birthday party for a friend. Y’all, this night was a major event for me. I managed to eat, remain awake and actually be social with friends on a Saturday night. It was the best anniversary present ever!

The basement is coming along. All of the rooms are now framed and we’re going to begin the wiring next. A friend of ours mentioned that he “loves to hang drywall” and he was serious. He has all of the equipment and everything. So he’ll be helping us out with that. We are going to pay professionals to mud and sand because, really, they can do it much faster and better than we ever could.

Not much else is going on. Well, except the heat, but that’s a big deal everywhere, right? Have you told your air conditioner today how much you love it? You really should. It’s good to keep it happy when it has to work so many overtime hours.


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  1. Teresa says:

    this is all SO EXCITING! i can’t believe we are down to the wire! pretty soon we will all be checking the blog even more obsessively for news of baby K’s arrival? can you post the due date on your next blog entry for those of us who may not have it on the calendar?

    glad to hear you had a great anniversary! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!