Everyone is complaining about the heat (and the humidity, ha!) around here. No worries about the pregnant lady, though. I spend most of my day in the air conditioning—home, work, car. I always worry about the folks who don’t have air in their homes or who have to work outside. Plus, we could use some rain. If our water bill is high, I can’t imagine how the farmers can manage to water their crops.

I don’t know why I called this post “not much going on” because we really do have a lot going on. Last night, though, we didn’t have any classes or appointments. It felt really good to be at home. That will change soon. Tomorrow we have an evening class and Saturday is an all day childbirth prep class. Tonight is knitting group, and I’m glad. It seems the only time I get to work on Baby K’s blanket is when I actually go to knitting group.


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