Yesterday was a challenging day. Every night this week we’ve had some type of appointment, meeting or class after work. All we wanted to do is get through the work day, come home, put our feet up, and watch F1 practice with a nice, tall, cool drink. Five minutes into practice coverage, the Speed TV guys mentioned Juan Pablo was let go from McLaren. It was no surprise really. What do you expect when you call your sport boring to watch?* Anyway, they mentioned they were going to re-air Tradin’ Paint, which I missed the first time and really wanted to see.

So I asked T if he minded me pausing practice so I could set the DVR to tape Tradin’ Paint. Usually I am really good with the DVR remote. I have better timing with commercial skipping and managing our queue of shows, so I’m the official DVR remote person in our household. (T manages all the other gazillion remotes for the stereo, receiver, DVD player, etc.) I do my little clickety-click and:

T: You just erased practice.
J: Nuh uh.
T: Yuh huh.
J: There is no way I erased it. I’ve been looking forward to it all day. I am not that stupid.
T: I watched you. It even said “are you sure you want to erase” and you selected “yes”. Check for yourself.


J: Oh, man! I just erased practice!
J: Can we get it back? Is it still on the hard drive?
T: Nope. It’s gone.
J: There’s gotta be a way—like a secret code or back door that Time Warner uses for service or something. Should we call them? Maybe they can save it?
T: Get over it.

Lately, I have been a stereotypical, forgetful pregnant woman. I’m still allowed to wield the DVR remote, but I don’t think I’ll be able to touch it for taped F1 events and I understand. It’s ok, though. If I delete an old episode of CSI, the world isn’t going to come to an end. The French Grand Prix—that’s a whole other story.

*I have a theory about JPM’s comments about F1 last week. I think he wanted to be done and outta there. Remember last year when he conveniently had a “tennis accident” and was out of a few races right around the time his first child was born? And now, his wife is expecting their second child. His timing is pretty good—”Brickyard Timing” in fact.


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