greentree house

It was kind of crazy how it happened. We signed the papers the Wednesday before we went to Indy, and the current renters signed their papers on Friday while we were at the track. We called on Monday just to make sure everything went ok and that was it.

What’s our next house related project? Finishing the basement in our Lincoln house. It’s already been mostly framed by the builders. This weekend we’ll frame two extra rooms—a second bedroom and a media room.

A note to our neighbors: we promise to someday get started on our landscaping. Please be patient with our plain yard! (Hey, at least our grass is green! That’s more than we can say for our house in MD!)


2 Responses to sold!

  1. Teresa says:

    aww…you sold your first house! wow. i remember when you guys were starting out and looking to purchase that house. and now here you are, in a house you built, expectating a new baby, and renovating your new house’s basement. it seems like just yesterday we were on your deck that night before you guys left, having a great time. where does the time fly? congratulations on the sale! can’t wait to see more pics on the blog, hint hint, of the baby stuff you guys bought and the nursery, and your basement project! :-)

  2. mom says:

    Congrats on the sale of GreenTree. What great timing!
    Yes, there are many nice memories from the townhouse, and many wonderful ones to come in Lincoln. Enjoy this special time in your lives.

    We love you!
    Mom and Dad