Just a quick update on Baby K. Quick because there’s not much to say. Our doctor said yesterday everything is normal: my weight, her growth, her heartbeat, even my list of silly little questions every visit. Totally normal. In fact, he said we are so normal, it’s exciting. Wow! When was the last time someone said, You’re so normal—I’m so excited for you!

We also met with our pediatrician yesterday, and we really like him. Both he and the practice have come highly recommended. It’s hard to gauge how well your pediatrician’s philosophy of care matches yours when you’ve never done anything like this before, but he made us feel very confident and at ease all at the same time. He’s also excited that we’re so normal.

Things are also coming together with Baby Stuff. On their way are the crib, dresser/changing table, glider, stroller and infant seat. It’s crazy. We’ve spent all this money, ordered all this stuff, and right now all we have for the nursery is a bunch of receipts. Maybe I should lay them down on the floor where everything is supposed to go. My friend Amber also delivered at St. Elizabeth’s and she’s been very helpful with what we should and shouldn’t purchase. Apparently, you come home with a ton of stuff. She helped me make a list of what is not included so we don’t buy duplicate things.

And lastly, we’re signed up for classes. This week we start Infant Care/CPR and next week we start Childbirth Preparedness. Who are we? We sound like really organized expectant parents. Honestly, I don’t feel very organized. I just feel like I need a nap.


One Response to normal: it’s the new black

  1. Teresa says:

    so happy to hear all is going so incredibly well! that is very exciting! and who knew you two were normal! LOL! just kidding, of course all of us knew you guys were normal all along!

    i am sure you are getting loads of advice about what you need, what to expect, etc. i just remember my babies living in the infant gowns which i had to change multiple times a day due to spit up or diaper blow outs (one of the exciting things about babies! LOL!) and i went through tons of receiving blankets and mattress and spit pads. the little infant gowns are great for changing diapers because it makes it really quick.

    can’t wait for you to post pics of all the stuff you guys bought!