Today we did the smart thing. T dropped me off at Stand J while he went to park the car. I stood line for our lunch and hung out in the shade until he met me. What can we say about the race? Yes, the Michelin cars lined up on the grid, but Turn One was a mess. The weirdest thing was that it happened right in front of us and we missed it. Seriously, right in front of us! The Renaults were on the heels of the Ferraris and we were focused on them through Turns Two and Three. When we looked back at Turn One, it was mayhem! We didn’t even see Heidfeld flip. And what a disappointing day for Scott Speed! By the end of the race, there were only 9 cars left on the track. Oh, well. I guess we’ll have to look to Magny-Cours for some excitement, when we’ll be watching from the comfort of our couch.

It was another early dinner for us—more seafood! We went to McCormick and Schmick’s, where the waiter proudly boasted about his Maryland Crabcakes. When I asked him just how authentic they were, he wanted to know where I was from. I told him Baltimore, Maryland. He assured me that he had a few Marylanders the day before who said they were really good. So, after three years of a serious dry spell, I’ve had yummy lump crabcakes twice in one month!* And yes, they did a really good job—hardly any breadcrumbs or filler, just giant lumps of crab, egg and a few spices.

*I had awesome crabcakes when we were in Maryland last month. I highly recommend O’Briens in Annapolis. Their crabcakes were pricey, but worth every wonderful bite!


One Response to day 3 at the track: the race

  1. Teresa says:

    who knew you could find authentic crab cakes in the land locked mid west! we are happy for you guys! it is so delightful to follow you guys on your trip via the blog!

    talk with you when you get home!