We bailed on Morning Practice again. Actually, we watched it in our hotel room while we drank Starbucks and ate oatmeal for breakfast. Then it was off to the track for Quali.* As we were driving to park I thought, “T should drop me off at Stand J and meet me there so I don’t have to walk.” Great idea, but I had it just as we were passing Stand J. Oh, well. The walk was ok, just long. I felt kinda bad for T because I’m so slow these days. Quali was interesting. We thought the Renaults were sandbagging in practice and were surprised when Alonso qualified fifth. Ferraris are always fast on straightaways, and Indy has one of the longest, so it makes sense that they did so well.

After Quali I really wanted to hang around and watch the Porsche Michelin Supercup race. I love those guys! So we walked back to Gasoline Alley to snack on some frozen lemonade and watch the Porsches in the shade. It was a good race. Those guys are so aggressive. They’re like, “Excuse me, you are in my way, and if you don’t let me pass, I’ll just move you aside with my bumper.”

We decided to have an early dinner Saturday night, so we left after the Porsche race. We stopped by the Formula Pod bus to see if anything was up and caught the end of the Guatelmalan guys finishing their Qualicast. That was kind of fun for me because I can pick up a lot of what they are saying (unless they are talking too fast). We bought some t-shirts and were on our way. Unfortunately, they don’t have maternity sizes, so I won’t be able to wear mine for awhile. The FPod crew had plans to go to the Kiss And Make Up party, which was actually their idea that they coordinated with Grand Prix Tours. I really wanted to go, but it didn’t start until 8 pm, open bar is really not my thing these days, and let’s not forget my food issues. Drivers scheduled to speak: Ralph Schumacher, Mark Webber, Scott Speed and Christian Klien. And of course, the Speed TV guys, who I really wanted to see. Oh, well.

We went for our early dinner to 14 West, which used to be Malibu on Maryland. The menu was very different from anything we’ve ever tasted. I was a little worried because everything sounded so heavy, but we were both surprised that our appetizer and entrées were so light. Very different from Malibu, but still awesome.

So, we’re excited for tomorrow’s race. We think it will be a good one as long as the Michelin teams actually line up on the grid and there isn’t a major wreck in Turn One. I have have this weird feeling that we’re going to wind up with 1/2 the cars driving around with nothing exciting happening. We’ll see.

*We figure if Fernando Alonso can call Qualifying “Quali” then so can we.


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