We slept in and missed First Practice, but that’s ok—practice these days is mostly about test drivers and not the heavy hitters. (Although that Robert Kubica is something else to watch!) We drove to the BMW Corral to park and boy, has that thing grown! It was in a new spot with lots of space. This year we only paid for parking and not for food. Although we love hanging out with everyone, I’m still having food issues. I just can’t say I will eat this specific meal at this specific time.

We got to the track just in time for Second Practice and sat in the shade across from Gasoline Alley (the pit area). When we arrived, the Indy Pro Series was finishing up practice. Then the F1 cars came out and we forgot just how loud an F1 engine sounds going down the straightaway. To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between the new V8 engines and last year’s V10 engines, but T said they whine a little higher. Whatever.

After practice we walked across the street to the Formula Pod bus. I’ve been listening to their podcast for about a year and have started chatting with them during the races. It was great to finally meet everyone face-to-face and match up actual people to their online names. They had a BBQ and even though it rained a bit, which was actually a welcome relief from the sun, we had a great time.

After getting back to the hotel, we were a little worn out. We took naps and ordered room service. Then, like total geeks, we watched the Speed Channel special coverage of First Practice and interviews between practices. Now it is off to sleep.


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