Our trip to Indy went smoothly, which is good for a pregnant lady. I didn’t have any difficulties flying at 31 weeks. I’m just under the airline deadline of 34 weeks, and I was concerned someone might give us a hard time. I wore my most “slimming” maternity outfit and had a copy of my prenatal medical record with me, but no one seemed to care. In fact, when I e-checked-in the woman didn’t even notice and asked me to carry our big, honkin’ bag over to her at the desk. Dude! I can’t even carry that thing when I’m not pregnant.

I have to give T some serious props for our hotel. We are staying downtown this year, right on Monument Circle. He called earlier in the week to make sure we got a non-smoking room with a king bed. We got hooked up with the most amazing view of the monument. We’re also two blocks from all of our favorite restaurants and walked to Palomino for a late dinner.

If it sounds like we’re living it up this year, well, we are and we aren’t. T waited until last weekend to book our hotel. With the F1 fiasco last year, hotels were getting kind of panicky to fill rooms I guess, and we got a sweet deal for the first two nights. We also brought lots of food and snacks with us to help with The Queasies and to avoid eating too much expensive crap at the track. No margaritas on tap for me this year, although I will have my yearly corn dog and T will get his “meat on a stick”.

We are very aware that this might be the last year for F1 in the US, or at least in Indy. This is our 7th year and we’ve always wanted to experience downtown Indianapolis. Plus, with me being pregnant, it just makes things so much easier. Getting to and from the track takes less time, getting to dinner is easier, and if I am lacking in the energy department, we can just hang out at Monument Circle instead of being cooped up in our hotel room. We’ll see how the energy levels are tomorrow: Day 1 at the Track.


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