Yesterday I peeled myself off the couch to go to knitting group, and I’m so glad that I did! I stayed for almost two hours and didn’t get much knitting done, but I did a lot of socializing. I’d show you what I am working on, but I ripped most of it out and started over tonight. (Also, the battery in the camera needs to be recharged.) It all has to do with that pesky math and the fact that garter stitch has a 2 to 1 ratio of rows to stitches. I know what you’re thinking—she just has Pregnancy Brain. But really, I checked with some other knitters and the pattern in the book doesn’t have the math right.

Speaking of math, my knitting groups are starting to add up. The first one I joined meets twice a month. Then, I got invited to one that meets every Wednesday. And after that, one more that meets once a month. I know I must sound like Crazy Knitting Lady, but these groups have been great. For the past year, T and I got up, ate breakfast together, worked in the same office together, ate lunch and dinner together, hung out in the evening together and went to bed together. There were some weeks where we didn’t leave the house much at all. T and I are husband and wife, best friends and a great working team, but I really needed to get out more. He has his car club, and even though I go to events with him and have tons of fun, cars just aren’t My Thing.

I’m not sure how knitting became My Thing. It might be because it’s very calming and meditative. It might be because I spend so much time being creative on the computer that I miss being creative with my hands. It could be because I can create Things out of yarn: Scarves! Hats! Blankets! Sweaters! I can turn yarn into fabric into actual Things! And it just might be that I have met so many awesome people in person and online who share my passion. After the summer, two of my knitting groups will be merging—just in time for the arrival of Baby K. I guess I am going to have to try scheduling nap time around knitting group. Wish me luck.


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