Actually, this is more like a week round-up. What’s up with all this non-blogging going on?

I’ll start from last week, which is really as far as I can remember, and even that is mostly a blur. Last week T and I were both in training for three days. You know what training means—all of last weeks deadlines had to be done in two days instead of five. So Monday and Tuesday were a blur of deadlines and the rest of the week was a blur of learning Lots. Of. New. Stuff. plus a few extra deadlines that popped up and needed to be done after hours. I can’t really say much else, except that in all of that craziness, I learned some really cool stuff. I’ve been doing basically the same type of work for the past 12 years. What I learned last week turned all of that upside down. It made me really excited to be in the field of graphic design. I love what I do for a living, and I’m glad this industry keeps changing and growing.

After our crazy week, we decided to take a vacation for the long weekend. No, we didn’t go anywhere. We just didn’t do any work. We watched TV shows on the DVR that we were too busy to watch during the week.

Saturday we sat outside and had dinner at Fireworks. We had issues with our meal, which never happens with Fireworks. They re-cooked our food and comped our entire bill — appetizers, drinks and dinner. They even offered us dessert. We were amazed!

Sunday we did a lot of nothing, again, and went to Wilderness Ridge to sit outside for dinner. (See a pattern forming?) When we got home our neighbors were having a little gathering outside with beer and lawn chairs. It was nice to stay out of the house and hang out. We’ve been working so much, I forgot how nice it is to be outside.

Monday was kind of crazy. We went shopping for baby stuff. It’s amazing how many large families live in Lincoln and how few baby stores there are here. We went to all of the major department stores and none had any strollers or car seats except for Sears. And it was slim pickin’s at Sears. The woman recommended we check out Toys R Us for a bigger selection, but really, it wasn’t much bigger. Even Target was lacking. Luckily we found one store, Kidstuff Superstore, that had everything we need. Strollers, car seats, cribs, changing tables, swings and gliders. And they were nice! So we made a lot of progress and next week we might actually make some purchases.

After all the crazy baby shopping we met up with my cousin Cara, who is driving across the Midwest to go work on a dude ranch for the summer. We gave her and her friend Jill the Big. Tour. Of. Lincoln. and then went back to Fireworks for dinner. Not much was open on Memorial Day, and Fireworks was the only place open that had outdoor seating. I guess comping the entire dinner worked, because we came back and had a wonderful time. Cara got to experience her first Midwest storm, although we didn’t really get any rain; it was more like a fabulous light show. We stayed up way too late catching up, but it was fun!

Tuesday the girls left and it was back to work for us. We had a great vacation, even though we didn’t really go anywhere. And that’s why it’s been quiet on the blog. I’d like to do more posting, but I’m not making any promises. Sometimes when I get home from work I don’t even take my laptop out of my bag. We’ll see how it goes.


2 Responses to weekend round-up

  1. Teresa says:


    check out and we had good purchasing experiences from them. also, check out to read about strollers and for finding good prices. we had a maclaren stroller and it was AWESOME! i could steer that baby with one hand, talk about your precision wheels!



  2. Rebecca says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much stuff a little person needs!!