If you were watching CNN and saw our area in a big red box, don’t worry. It is sunny and warm. We hardly got any rain. The tornado was south of us in Gage County.

I had to laugh about the news priorities in Lincoln tonight. Programming was interrupted for the weather, of course. When the storm threat was over, we went back to programming, which was the news. You see, there was 15 minutes left until The Ten Commandments started, which is a 4 1/2 hour movie. The news had to get coverage of Spring Training in before the movie started. No, we’re not talking baseball, but you probably already figured that out, didn’t you? Yes, Spring Training for Husker Football started today. Can you believe it? Over 57,000 people showed up for a scrimmage game. (Yes, you read that right — a scrimmage game.) I don’t think I’ll ever get used to football in April.


One Response to we’re fine

  1. Teresa says:

    glad to see your update! i WAS wondering how you guys were with those nasty storms rolling through the heartland. glad to know all is well with you, T, baby K, and the husker football team! :)