This is my third Spring in Nebraska and I know I shouldn’t continue to be surprised by Springtime clothing choices in Lincoln, but I confess — I don’t get it. We were at SouthPointe Pavilions on Saturday, which is an outdoor mall. The temperature was in the 30s. Granted, the sun was out and it may have felt a few degrees warmer, but not warm enough for capri pants, flip flops, short sleeve shirts and shorts. Yes, shorts! We saw a boy wearing shorts and playing in the snow. And for the record, these folks did not look warm. Many of them were hunched over and cold. Well, except for the boy playing in the snow.

Apparently in Lincoln, when the calendar says winter is over, Winter. Is. Over. Forget the snow and the blustery temperatures. Bring on the Spring wardrobe! I have adapted to the Midwest in many ways, but I just can’t get my head around this. So I guess I will continue to look like a foreigner, an east coast transplant, an outsider because I’m sticking with my wool until the weatherman tells me winter is over.


One Response to crazy nebraskans

  1. Blanche Blank says:

    This is a phenomena I’ve noticed, too. All the kids at the U and SCC bare as much skin as possible as soon as the temp creeps up into the upper 40’s or so. It’s always seemed odd to me, and I’ve lived here since I was 3.