Last night’s chicken. It was tasty — if you consider shoe leather tasty. The thing is, we got this new crockpot a few months ago and until last night, we had only used it to cook whole turkey breasts or soups and stews. Last night I tried a regular kind of meal (Crock Pot Italian Chicken from Saving Dinner) with chicken, carrots and potatoes. Apparently our new crockpot came with a super charger or something because it was as if we placed the chicken to slow cook on the surface of the sun. But we ate it. We even had leftovers tonight. And we loved it. See, I haven’t been able to look at or touch raw meet since I became pregnant. Last night was the first non-vegetarian meal that T did not have to cook in the past four months. Now, granted, I did kind of close my eyes and scoot the chicken off the styrofoam into the crockpot and put the lid on really fast, but I am making progress!


2 Responses to what’s drier than dry?

  1. Teresa says:

    i am so happy the quesy tummy is easing up for you! :-)



  2. mom says:

    What welcome news!
    Whoever thought you”d be excited about chicken for dinner.
    Remember when you always knew the answer to “What’s for dinner?”
    Love you.