I’ve been following a lot of the Olympic Knitting projects, but thought I’d link to a few fabulous projects from my knitting friends.

From my local knitting group:
Christy did an amazing job on her Snowdrop Shawl.
Emily did a really neat I Do shrug. I keep missing Emily at our meetings. Hope to see you soon!

From my online knitting friends:
Jennipurr blew me away with her Irish Diamond Shawl.
SarahJanet did her first pair of socks along with me, and they turned out great!

I’m off to knitting group this afternoon, and I’m wearing my socks to show off. They are the most comfortable pair of socks I’ve ever worn. I think I have the knitting sock bug. Must cast on another pair!


One Response to knitting gold medals

  1. Teresa says:

    way to go, wooly! your socks are so pretty! i loved the knitting medal!