I am totally digging knitting socks. Of course, I haven’t reached the heel yet, and my opinion might change after that, but so far so good. Friday night was actually a cast-on nightmare. I’m not used to working with such small needles and fine yarn. It took incredibly too long for me to to cast on and knit the first row. So long, that I’m not even going to admit to the actual time. Here was my progress as of Saturday morning:

olympic sock 1

After a whopping eight rows, I realized I cast on two extra stitches and my ribbing went around in knit 2 purl 2 with a big, honkin’ knit 4 right in the middle. I tried to convince myself to embrace the imperfection and to just keep on knitting. I couldn’t go throught that cast on nightmare again! But I was only 8 rows into the sock. It seemed silly not to rip. I got some online advice on the cast-on process, and it helped tremendously. I cast on using two needles for a looser stitch. I also knit the first row on one needle before I moved the stitches to the other needles. It worked! And totally saved my sanity. So now I am back on track and on my way toward the heel. Here is my progress to date:

olympic sock 2


One Response to olympic sock update

  1. Christy says:

    Have you finished yet? It’s coming down to the wire. Mine is blocking as we speak and I’m about to fall on the floor in a heap (like those CC skiers after a long race).