That’s the question the meteorologist asked last night on the news. We flirted with flurries Monday and Friday, but it was too warm for any accumulation.

snow against trees

I have the answer to his question. The reason why it is 50 degrees in January is because we bought a snow blower last year. That’s also why our last winter was so mild. You see, the first winter we lived in Lincoln we had over three feet of snow within the first few weeks of January. All we owned was a shovel. Luckily we were renting and snow removal was provided by our landlord. When we moved into our new house and took a look at our very long sidewalk and three car driveway we knew a shovel wouldn’t be good enough. So we went to Home Depot and bought a snow blower. One that was expensive powerful enough to blow the snow far enough to clear our wide driveway. Since then, Lincoln has gotten hardly any snow. I think the most was maybe eight inches last year. And this January we’ve had spring-like weather. It’s crazy!

So I know meteorologists have all these fancy meteorological tools to predict the weather and all that, but honestly, the real reason for the warm weather is sitting in our garage. I think I’m going to start calling the snow blower Murphy. We’ll continue to enjoy our January Spring, because February is supposed to be back to “normal temperatures and normal precipitation.” Sorry, Mom and Dad. Pack your sweaters.


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