So, yeah. We’re sitting here watching the Alamo Bowl because we live in Nebraska, and that’s what folks in the Big Red State do. We’re not wearing any red, but I’m knitting with red yarn. Although it’s red for a totally different team. (Hi Phil! Pretend you didn’t read that, ok?)

I had this whole blog entry written in my head about the amazing Southern Indian food we’ve been cooking up lately, but the cold that was in my head has morphed into a Stomach Bug. Let’s just save the food blog entry for another day, shall we? On a positive note, at least I am not traveling and dealing with the Stomach Bug in an airport, or worse, airplane. Yikes!

So lets talk yarn, ’cause yarn makes everyone feel good, right? I received two birthday surprises of yarn in the mail within the past few weeks. One was two skeins of Fur Real Purple People Eater from Nancy and another was Plymouth Yarn Outback Mohair from Tanuj and Claire. The Fur Real came with a box of patterns called Knitting to Go and I’ve already made this pattern. The Outback Mohair came with the winter issue of Interweave Knits that I’ve been eyeing up in the magazine aisle for weeks. Oh, such fiber excitement!

See, talking about yarn and I’m already feeling better. Take that, Stomach Bug. In other yarn news, my parents sent me a very generous check for my birthday to buy some nice sweater wool, and my in-laws have promised to bring back some wool from India. (They asked what kind; I requested “pretty”.) Now, if I can only get these last few Christmas gifts finished so I can start knitting something for myself. Better get back to the needles. And football. Go Huskers!


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  1. Nicole says:

    Jules & T- would you believe I JUST checked this out for the first time while cleaning out email? Okay that sounds really bad but I don’t have time for much these days, so it’s amazing I ever was able to see it! Anyway, this is really cool. Your house is amazing. You guys look great and I miss you terribly! Jules-let’s catch up soon please. I have no knitting or anything to share but day to day junk. Love, Nic