I both love and hate the holiday rush. No matter how early I start getting ready, there are always last minute preparations. Sometimes I wish that the week before Christmas I was finished with everything and could just sit back, lounge around and look at the tree lights. But, there is something to be said for that last minute holiday high: staying up late and finishing gifts, setting up an assembly line of paper, boxes, ribbon and bows, and imagining the smiles when family and friends open up their gifts. I enjoy the ritual and had even more fun this year because I made so many gifts by hand.

Most of our boxes are in the mail heading toward their destinations. There are a few stragglers that I am desperately trying to finish up. Our holiday cards went in the mail yesterday. Folks on the West Coast should be getting them today, and friends in the Heartland—you should get them by Christmas. Friends and family on the East Coast—they are coming! I know last year we were slackers and didn’t get our cards out, but this year I actually designed something myself, which I haven’t had the time to do in years. It also helped that I didn’t have to hand address and stamp a bunch of envelopes.

The only big thing I have left to do is plan a menu for Christmas Eve dinner. We are having friends over and we are cooking up an Italian feast! T gave me this awesome Italian cookbook for my birthday when we were dating, and I’ve loved everything we’ve ever made from it. The hardest part of planning the menu will be not going overboard and making too much stuff. Then again, leftovers for Christmas Day wouldn’t be too bad, either!

I have been hoping for some more snow so the ground would be all white and pretty for this weekend, but it is going to be in the 60s today and tomorrow. There’s a chance that we might get a little dusting on Saturday, but it will probably just rain. I so wanted a white Christmas! Mother Nature, can you please look into that for me? Thanks a bunch!


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  1. Teresa says:

    so julie….tell us all…what is the name of the great italian cookbook that t got for you when you were dating?