giant tumbleweed

A few weeks ago (obviously, because there is no snow in the picture!) T looked out the office window and saw a giant tumbleweed rolling down our street. We’ve seen tumbleweeds when driving through the prairie, and have even had a few hit the car, but none this big. I ran to the door with the camera, but it was windy and moving pretty fast. Two years ago if someone had told me I’d look out my office window and see a tumbleweed zooming by, I’d never believe it.


3 Responses to giant tumbleweed

  1. Teresa says:

    and what exactly is a tumbleweed made up of? i have often wondered…. what a hoot that you had one rolling down your street! who knew that you would be rolling along with the tumbling tumble weeds in nebraska!! :-)


  2. Julie says:

    I think it was a ball of some kind of dried branches. Unfortunately it was moving too fast for me to get a close-up view.

  3. Christina says:

    J & T,

    Welcome to Nebraska… tumbleweeds and all! The new format looks awesome!

    The crazy vegetarians are looking forward to X-Mas at the Kundhi house!

    -C & S